Mana Wahine – Woman Power

Mana Wahine – Woman Power  

This 6 day workshop will

  • bring the cycle into focus through sacred dance, meditation, connection to nature and ceremony
  • give you a chance to go deep into your womanhood and relate to you sexuality
  • give you the basic techniques for touching a person laying on the side – to be used in your general clinic practice.

You can attend this workshop after you have finished Module 2 of your MA-URI training.

Kei runga, kei raro! As above, so below!

As women we are closely connected to the female forces of the celestial bodies. Thus, we work with the teachings of Mother Earth, Papatuanuku, and the Moon, Te Marama.

We work with nurturing ourselves. We work with balancing darkness and light and in particular we explore darkness as an expression of feminine energy. Through dance and beautiful techniques for touching the side of the body, through meditations and ceremonies, we connect our womb and awaken the knowledge that lies within our female bodies.

As women we work to heal – heal ourselves and assist our sisters by providing an atmosphere that can enable them to heal.

It does not matter if you still have your menstrual cycle working actively in your body or you are passed menopause and you body carries the wisdom of many, many cycles.


The Mama MA-URI song:

There is a time for being…….. still.
Then a time for moving,
Going out and blooming.
Let your innermost unfold
Till you hear withdrawal call.
Everything in cycles go!

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