Hapu Ora – Pregnant with New Life & getting ready for giving birth

Hapu Ora – Pregnant with New Life and getting ready for giving birth

The 6 day workshop that will

  • provide a unique chance for raising your consciousness and dealing with your attitudes and experiences concerning pregnancy (or lack of pregnancy) in your own life
  • qualify you to work with pregnant women on your table
  • qualify you to work with pregnant clients using dance, meditation and selected MA-URI Philosophy principles – through individual sessions or birth preparation classes
  • enable you to offer sessions for couples (pregnant women and their partners)

You can attend this workshop after you have completed your MA-URI training (after Module 3) and participated in Mama MA-URI Mana Wahine workshop (Woman Power).

The beautiful and gentle techniques for touching the side of the body, that you learned in the Mana Wahine workshop will now be the basis for pregnancy massage. You will learn additional strokes, that are designed specifically for the pregnant body and practice the nurturing, soft and caring techniques that are to suitable to assist the mother-to-be in connecting to her own body and the baby in her womb.

To prepare you to work with pregnant women in your clinic and in sessions or classes, you will be guided to have a close look at your own experiences (or expectations) of pregnancy and child birth. We will work through dance, meditation, ceremonies and talk sessions and there will be bodywork sessions for you to deal with your own issues.

MA-URI dances are very effective and beautiful tools for a woman to prepare for childbirth, physically as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We will look into the potential of MA-URI Birth Dance. You will learn to instruct pregnant women in dance.

Further, you will learn how to work with couples to prepare them for the birth giving process together.

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