Mana Wahine workshop 2016 – enrollment

Dear Women in MA-URI
The very first signs of Autumn appear in the garden as ripe apples and changing colors on the strawberry leaves! And in all the mushrooms in the forrest and the shorter days!! Even though we are blessed with warm weather, the darkness and the stillness of the night comes earlier and earlier and it goes so fast now when equinox approaches.
In Mama MA-URI, Autumn is time for the Mana Wahine workshop. Mana Wahine is about standing in your Female Power. It is about tidying up and letting go of patterns that may be inherited or just adapted into your life unconsciously. Patterns that were needed a long time ago but no longer of any use to you.
The energies of Autumn allows Nature to tidy up and only the essence is withdrawn to survive the Winter and rest to prepare for a new beginning once Winter turns into Spring.
In the female monthly cycle, the premenstruum invites you to tidy up and prepare to look deep within during your bleeding days. Only then can the cycle unfold to its fullest potential and YOU can navigate in life with respect to your true self.
If you are past menopause, you can benefit from this workshop in your relationship to your daughters, in your ability to assist clients or sisters that you may meet in any other context.
During the workshop, you will be invited to look deep within your female self – to heal, to pray, to share, to celebrate, to LIVE – fully and truly!
I will be thrilled to dance with you!
If you are ready to accept this invitation in the Autumn of 2016, it is time to enroll – send an email to me:

Practical information:

Completed Module 2.
November 5th (with Powhiri starting at 9 am) to November 10th (with departure at 6 pm).
Helle Hestbjerg
Assisting teacher: 
Jurga Mozuriene
Lithuania, at Vabalyné, 30 km from Vilnius:
Please have a look at this beautiful place on Earth:
For participants living in Poland, Hungary and Lithuania or other East European countries: 350 Euro
For participants living in Scandinavia and other West European Countries: Equivalent to 5000 Danish Kroner.
Deadline for enrollment:
October 5th 2016. But if you want to come, then please send me an email as soon as possible.
As part of enrolling, you need to fill in a form with some questions. This form will be sent to you via email. The answers to these personal questions will be used to prepare the best workshop for you. You are asked to return this form no later that October 15th
Deadline for paying the workshop fee is  also October 15th. Once you have enrolled, you will receive an email with the information you need to pay. With the same email you will receive some ideas about how to prepare for the workshop.