Mama MA-URI News January 2018

Kia Ora!!
Jurga and I are now ready to announce this years Mama MA-URI workshops:
Mana Wahine workshop – the magic of your womb in everyday life
Hapu Ora workshop – the magic of pregnancy

It is with great joy and a feeling of Truth and Fulfillment in my heart. I just had a ‘WOW-experience’!!
Today is one of the few day when my own inner rhythm can set the pace. No meetings, no clients, nobody to demand anything from me! A dear friend has invited me for dinner so I don´t even have to think about preparing food!!
These days are few and I value them tremendously 🙂

January means new beginnings! The old Roman god, Janus, gave name to this month. He had two heads and was able to look behind as well as ahead! And Yes! It is good to reflect a little on yesterday to make the right choices for tomorrow!

I have chosen to focus on Mama MA-URI today. It feels like the right time to do so as I have been very much in doubt about the future of Mama MA-URI. What to let go of? What to focus on?

I drew a card from Barry Brailfords ‘Wisdom of the Four Winds’, simply asking: What should I give focus?

The card was about Commitment. The light holder of the North! I read about the fluctuating energies of the Moon, the importance of timing and how to rest and WAIT for the right moment to make the commitment and go! About seeking the inner truth. WOW!

The inner truth of my womb speaks of the Cycle. Exactly about resting, reflecting and BEING during my bleeding days and feel when it is time to shift to the DOING mode.

The message to me was clear: Stay on track with your focus on the cycle! The Mana Wahine workshop planed for May 28th – June 2nd is the PERFECT focus point and apart from that: Do not plan anything. Rest. And wait!

So, please take a moment to look inside and ask if you are at a stage on your MA-URI path, where it is time to look deeper into womanhood. It may very well be the last workshop of its kind, as I feel winds of change. It is time to begin writing a book and approach the work with the Cycle differently. So take the opportunity!

In Lithuania, Jurga is busy with pregnant women, mothers and babies. She will be ready to offer a Hapu Ora workshop in October (8th to 13th).

So, if you have already been to a Mana Wahine workshop, ask yourself if it is time to join the next Mama MA-URI workshop: namely the Hapu Ora on pregnancy issues.