Inner journey and sisterhood in Vabalyne!

This years Mana Wahine (Woman Power) workshop enden last night. Indeed it was 6 days full of magical moments of going within, connecting to the womb, listening to its subtle voice, empowering the feminine self, sharing and creating strong bonds of sisterhood.

Women from Hungary, Poland, Norway and Lithuania joined in beautiful surroundings in the forrest in Lithuania at Vabalyne. Old trees standing tall, the flowing river, the bright stars, the clear blue sky, the mists, the snow, the freezing, yet loving Papatuanuku were amongst the teachers. As was the half moon, speaking of balance! And did these women dance, touch and travel within!! KIA ORA to these brave sisters who cut restricting bonds, did deep healing work and stepped onto a new path of discovering yet unkonwn aspects of their cycle!!

In Mama MA-URI we work with ‘woman power’ as the understanding of the monthly, menstrual cycle on all levels and our ability to actually LIVE this cycle.