About Mama MA-URI

In MA-URI, we search for answers to existential questions like: Who are you?
To truly and fully navigate your life, you must know yourself!

Mama MA-URI invites you to explore many layers of meaning in the answer: I am a woman!

We explore ourselves through the Wisdom of our Womb.

We dance the Sacred Dance of Woman – and in that Dance we connect to the core of our femininity.

We raise our consciousness of what our foremothers went through – what made them weak and what made them strong.

We empower ourselves by knowing what we have inherited, what is still useful and worth passing on, and what to let go of. And we let go with love………

We bring to our awareness our built-in cyclic nature that for far too long have been ignored, neglected, disrespected and even forgotten in our modern societies. It is time to honor and respect……..

What makes us different from our men is first and foremost our ability to
– conceive, embrace and support new life within our womb
– to give birth
– to nurture the baby with our milk and facilitate its independence

These physical abilities are strongly connected to the cyclic nature. With them follows a depth of emotional and spiritual qualities and skills that are subtle and fragile – yet stronger than anything else in this World.

In Mama MA-URI, we honor and we celebrate who we are as women!

Through Rhythm, through Awareness and through Connectedness we focus on empowerment, healing and facilitating Love and Creativity.

Our inspiration is Mother Earth, the Moon, the Stars, the Waters of the Earth and the Heavens and our Ancestors.

Our trail is MA-URI.

Our aim is to balance masculine and feminine energies and make a difference for the generations to come.

Tehei mauri ora! Let there be life!

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